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Methuselah goes on a cruise

From the terms and restrictions of a package cruise on Expedia’s web site: “This cruise line requires that passengers younger than 255 years old be accompanied by an adult 25 years or older in the same cabin.”
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No X, know Y

Last night, sitting on the floor, attempting to convince Cian to put his pajamas on. He running circles around me and hooting with delight, me sharing an exasperated look with Shannon. Suddenly, an idea forms. “Know Cian, no peace,” I
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The New Year’s climbing resolution

I’ve decided that there’s no reason to wait until January to start obsessing about climbing again. For the past several months, I’ve become increasingly discouraged as my climbing ability has slowly slipped backwards. Last weekend, I went to Pinnacles with
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Casual profiling

In the coffee shop this morning: “I’ll have a latte and a scone, please.” “You’re Irish, right?” “I am.” “Yeah–all the Irish buy scones.”
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Ireland 2004: notes from an outsider

We’ve been visiting Ireland for the past week and a bit, to see family, friends, and attend Siobhán and Jonathan’s wedding. My visits back here amount to annual impressionistic snapshots of how the country has changed. I am infinitely grateful
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Ignoring jet lag doesn’t make it go away

It’s 5am Irish time as I write this. I am tired, almost ready to finally go asleep. This is the first Ireland visit where I haven’t even tried to adjust, or more importantly to get the wee fella to adjust,
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