Ignoring jet lag doesn’t make it go away

It’s 5am Irish time as I write this. I am tired, almost ready to finally go asleep. This is the first Ireland visit where I haven’t even tried to adjust, or more importantly to get the wee fella to adjust, to the 8-hour time difference.

Frankly, this approach doesn’t work well. Either I get up at a semi-normal hour by Irish standards, and fall about the place like a hobbled zombie until 4am, or I get up at 2pm and miss most of daylight, along with opportunities for spending time with people and, well, doing things. I think this is an experiment I won’t be repeating.

Compounding the misery, the TV available in the wee hours is generally as bad as back in the US. A rare exception is Takeshi’s Castle, a 20-year-old Japanese “reality show” involving hapless people attempting (and typically failing hilariously at) improbable physical tests, such as walking down a bumpy slope while encased in a huge rubber ball that renders them almost immobile, save for head and feet. It’s a show that is perfectly entertaining even with the sound off. In fact, I’ve never watched it with the sound on.

Even though I’m finally tired enough to sleep, our flight is at 3pm tomorrow, so I’ll have to get up early enough that I’ve no hope of enough rest. Sigh.

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