Been a busy month

Couple my usual reluctance to post here with work on a new all-consuming project, and you have a recipe for potentially long periods of silence.

Yesterday, I posted an announcement of the availability of the first chapter of the Mercurial manual to the mailing list. You can read the first chapter here (PDF only thus far); it documents Mercurial Queues, which I’ve enthused about at length in front of several audiences recently.

I’m working on the manual in the open, and releasing it under the Open Publication License. It’s a lot of fun to finally be writing a publication-quality manual for a piece of software I like so much.

As the manual progresses, I’ll be making it available in both HTML and PDF formats, with integrated feedback links available. More about that later, as time permits.

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One comment on “Been a busy month
  1. Flor says:

    Once the factional ifinghting begins it becomes a race to the bottom. Yes, but it’s not factional ifinghting. It’s much more unattractive than that. We have the Cabinet in a mad panic to save their sorry arses but unwilling to do anything; and we have the Leader taking refuge in his bunker, oblivious to the wreckage he has wrought, still believing that victory is at hand, fortified by soothing words from Janette and a small coterie of acolytes.There’s something familiar about this scene, but I just can’t put my finger on what it is.

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