The $10,000 laptop … almost

I read in Bill Bumgarner’s blog that Dell has released a new model in its XPS line, the M2010. It’s not somethhing one could plausibly refer to as a laptop, due to its weight of 18.3lbs (8.3kg!) and 20“ screen.

Being a curious sort, and owning the M2010’s tiny cousin, the M1210 (the weight of which is a feathery 23% that of the M2010), I visited Dell’s web site to try to configure a system and see what it would cost.

Holy flaming battery packs; that is one expensive toy. I failed in my attempt to configure it to a price of $10,000, but I got astoundingly close, at $9,564.

That is simply obscene.

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One comment on “The $10,000 laptop … almost
  1. Joe says:

    Just using google, I was looking for a $10k laptop, reason being is in 04′ the local school board bought 5 laptops for $50k, $10k laptop. Knowing how corrupt the local government is and how much more money is important than books, I was just curious to see if one existed now with more modern tech. Interesting, thanks!

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