What I did at the weekend

I spent a few hours on Sunday putting together a web site for my friend Carole Moore, a talented San Francisco painter.

This was my first time paying any attention to web design in years. All of my prior knowledge dated back to HTML 3.2, circa middle-dot-com-boom. How pleasant it was to discover that I no longer need to use endless nested tables to create a decent-looking page layout! And that cascading style sheets are quite decent to work with. And, of course, I am relieved that my knowledge is no longer so embarrassingly rusty.

Carole offered to let me use Dreamweaver on her computer to create the site, but even though Dreamweaver is the beloved child of another friend, I demurred and stuck with my familiar tools: Emacs, Python, Inkscape, and NetPBM. I’m quite happy with the result.

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