Beautiful graphics manipulation (in Haskell, artistic flair required)

During my evening’s Haskell-related Googling, I came across a piece of software called Pancito, written by Andrew Cooke. Pancito is a Haskell package for manipulating images, and Andrew has a beautiful gallery of some of the work he’s done with it. It’s well worth a look. (How did I find Pancito? Because I was playing with tree folds.)
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3 comments on “Beautiful graphics manipulation (in Haskell, artistic flair required)
  1. andrew cooke says:

    hey, thanks! from this post someone then posted to reddit.

    i must admit, i’ve not used that library (or haskell) for some time. i hope it still works. also, it was based on early work called pan (googling for “haskell pan” should find it).

  2. Chris Eidhof says:

    Folds are nice! If you want some good brain exercise, search for the “repmin” problem, and see how you could solve this using tree folds (or generic folds). Very interesting stuff.

  3. Doc says:

    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this anme?ryo!

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