GHC 6.6.1 for Fedora

With Jens Petersen’s blessing, I’ve packaged GHC 6.6.1 for Fedora Extras. If you use FC6, it’s available via yum as of a few days ago. It will be a part of Fedora 7 as soon as that comes out, too.

The upgrade to 6.6.1 necessitated a bump of the release number of the Fedora Gtk2Hs package, too. There are no changes in the new release; it’s just built against the newer compiler release.

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One comment on “GHC 6.6.1 for Fedora
  1. Tyronne says:

    說道:因為Server微調結束~ 轉ubuntu一下子就完成~ 倒是我很喜歡ubuntu6.06那片DVD光碟~ 本身是Live CD及安裝光碟~ 不像Fedora or Mandriva的DVD本身只有安裝的份…系統掛點(像是fstab設定錯誤)就要用knoppix來掛載&還原|||~ ubuntu初始安裝只安裝核心和基本軟體~ 其他軟體都在安裝後自行安裝~ 而自己下的ubuntu 6.06 DVD版套件真是完全 X”D…雖然分類亂了點||| 其他都還在很能接受的範圍內~ -事實上 fdreoa / mandriva 的光碟在要進入時,輸入 recure 就是救援模式了。

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