Sorely disappointed by the revamped delicious

In April last year, I visited Yahoo HQ to take a look at what was then their in-progress redesign of It took me no more than a few minutes to decide that I hated it: it fit much less information on each page, it introduced big bars of colour to no apparent purpose, and little meaningless bits of text would flicker in and out of existence as I moved the mouse around.

15 months has passed, and now that crummy redesign is the new face of the site. I don’t seem to be alone in my dislike for it: the support pages are full of complaints, and its Alexa stats look like the site fell off the edge of a cliff. During the upgrade, they even broke their Firefox plugin, so I can’t bookmark anything at the moment.

It’s become clear over the past few years that social bookmarking was never going to grow beyond a tiny niche, but with the amount of time they’ve wasted on a redesign that nobody seems to like, I wonder if delicious hasn’t essentially killed the idea altogether.

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