Unix hacking in Haskell: better pseudoterminal support

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3 comments on “Unix hacking in Haskell: better pseudoterminal support
  1. This looks useful. Why isn’t it on Hackage?

  2. Ian Taylor says:

    This is very useful and I too would like to see it either in the unix package or on hackage.

    Anything I can do to help? Packaging, testing?

  3. Mathijs Kwik says:

    This code is quite useful, but both executePseudoTerminal and executePseudoTerminalFD blow up with “hardware fault (Input/output error)” when the child process exits and I try to read more of its output.

    Is it possible to have child-exits just result in a EOF?
    That way hGetContents won’t break.

    Thanks for any help

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