Speaking at Bay Area Erlang Factory in April

My friends at Erlang Training and Consulting are running an organising an event in Palo Alto at the end of April: Erlang Factory. If you’re interested in the ferment of ideas and activity around functional programming, this promises to be an exciting occasion.

To me, one of the great attractions of the functional programming world is that our cousin communities are friendly to each other, and we’re eager to transfer the most exciting ideas back and forth. In that spirit, I’ll be speaking about Haskell at Erlang Factory:

Although Haskell and Erlang are both functional languages, they diverge in many ways in their approaches to building software. In this talk, we’ll look at some of the key differences between the two languages, and show off some of the most exciting development and testing techniques that the Haskell perspective enables: how to write bulletproof, elegant code that executes with blazing speed.
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2 comments on “Speaking at Bay Area Erlang Factory in April
  1. Yaakov Nemoy says:

    Will there be a video recording or something of this presentation so we can see it afterwards?

  2. I’ve no idea. If there is, I’ll post a link when I find out.

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