Slides from my Erlang Factory talk this morning

I had a wonderful time at the Bay Area Erlang Factory this morning, speaking to an Erlang audience about the different perspective that Haskell brings to functional programming. It was a relaxed and friendly crowd, and speaking to a receptive audience is always a thrill.

Here are the slides from my talk.

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6 comments on “Slides from my Erlang Factory talk this morning
  1. steez says:

    nice first nano step in the (deep) world of functional thinking.

  2. solrize says:

    Is there a way to view these slides without Flash? A pdf file or something similar would be great.

  3. There should be a “get file” link at the top of the preso. Maybe you have to have Flash enabled or log in to see it.

  4. solrize says:

    Thanks, I see the “get file” link but it wants to me to enroll a slideshare account to use it. I’ll try to find a computer around here that has flash so I can view the flash preso.

  5. solrize says:

    OK, I looked at the slides. Very nice!! Maybe the Erlang Factory folks will be nice enough to do one in the other direction (Erlang for Haskell people) sometime.

  6. Ian S says:

    Have seen only the slide titles, but looks like an excellent coverage. Do you know whether anyone has looked at exporting (potentially infinite) list types? It should then be possible to translate an ongoing sequence of input events into a sequence of outgoing events without resorting to monads.


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