Case conversion and text 0.3

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  1. bla says:

    Why do you convert ß to SS not to capital ß?

  2. Because ẞ is not widely used in German, and to use it as a capital ß would violate the guidelines set in the Unicode SpecialCasing table.

  3. I really appreciate what you are doing here, more power to your hacking elbow.

  4. Porges says:

    Are you implementing this all yourself in pure Haskell? Why not hook into ICU or something similar, which would provide a proven-correct implementation?

  5. Porges, where I can, I implement the code in pure Haskell. I’ve written a separate text-icu library that provides bindings to ICU for code that is currently just too much trouble.

  6. Porges says:

    Perhaps we should really have some kind of way to generate the code from the CLDR XML data, so that when that is updated we can update the Haskell library without too much hassle.

  7. Pseudonym says:

    As interesting as this is, I wonder whether or not this is something that the Haskell community should be maintaining. Wouldn’t a binding for, say, ICU be more appropriate?

  8. Pseudonym, there’s already a text-icu package that contains ICU bindings. My goal is to write as much Unicode handling code in pure Haskell as possible, and to leave the complex and fugly stuff to the ICU bindings. That way, if you have fairly simple needs, your number of dependencies is kept low. Also, crossing back and forth between Haskell and C++ is very expensive (due to the different representations used for text), so calling into ICU shouldn’t be done often.

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