In which I write again about revision control

Several months ago, I wrote an article on evaluating revision control systems. It was initially published in ACM Queue a few weeks ago, and the article has now made its way (unchanged) to Communications of the ACM. I’m quite happy with how it turned out, and I hope that people will find it useful in figuring out what’s important to them.

Since the publication of the article, a few people have asked why I didn’t write about their favourite revision control system. The simple answer is that I was already about 50% over my initial word budget by the time I finished up what I did write. (I’ll confess that I was thoroughly charmed by a conspiratorial suggestion that I was editing some beloved tool out of history by not mentioning it.)

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3 comments on “In which I write again about revision control
  1. Mark Luders says:

    Hi Bryan!
    What a great article (ACM Queue) on revision control software. I just finished reading (almost all of) it. I work in a group that writes a lot of sas code, some on PC, lots on MVS (IBM mainframe), that could potentially really benefit from using such a tool. Would be interested in any reference/info you have on this topic aimed that addresses issues of change management for the z/os operating system. btw, I’m in Oakland.
    Cheers, Mark

  2. Hi, Mark –

    I’m afraid I know nothing whatsoever about mainframes, or what revision control tools might be available on them. Sorry.

  3. Shreya says:

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