GHC I/O manager progress: ready to merge, and paper accepted!

Thanks to diligent work by Johan, our new I/O manager is ready to merge into the main GHC tree. All the tests pass, and it’s performing well. I’ll post an update when it gets merged into HEAD.

We also heard back from the peer reviewers for this year’s Haskell Symposium that our paper describing the new I/O manager has been accepted. The reviewers had some very helpful suggestions for how we can clarify the paper and improve its presentation, so I’ll be working on a final draft over the next couple of weeks (I’m currently on vacation in Ireland, so paper revisions aren’t yet at the top of my priority list).

That gives us two very encouraging pieces of news to forge ahead with. Cheers!

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2 comments on “GHC I/O manager progress: ready to merge, and paper accepted!
  1. treblih says:


  2. Jeremy Shaw says:

    Very exciting! This is great news for the Haskell web development community! (and others as well I am sure).

    – jeremy

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