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So I went and started a company

I’m delighted to say that after a couple of years of a break from the startup world (which I’ve inhabited for most of the past decade), I’ve decided to throw my hat back into the ring. Together with Bethanye Blount,
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A small matter of illegal characters

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GHC 7 I/O manager status update

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text is here

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How to migrate from darcs to Mercurial or git

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A brief tale of faster equality

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Unicode text performance improvements

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Like a coding challenge? Check out Code Quarterly

Peter Seibel (the man behind Practical Common Lisp) is launching a new publication, Code Quarterly, which looks intriguing to me. He’s hoping to run a coding challenge in each issue, and I know this is the sort of fun dear
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Dual bitbucket/github citizenship

One of the particularly nice things about working with a distributed revision control tool these days is that I can sidestep the choice of winning tool. Thanks to Scott Chacon and Augie Fackler’s excellent hg-git extension, I can use Mercurial
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Why I don’t use darcs any more (much)

Over the past couple of years, since David Roundy handed over control of the darcs revision control system to a talented team of developers, it has come a long way in stability and performance.I began using darcs essentially out of
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