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Why I don’t use darcs any more (much)

Over the past couple of years, since David Roundy handed over control of the darcs revision control system to a talented team of developers, it has come a long way in stability and performance.I began using darcs essentially out of
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A tiny example of clean Unicode handling in Haskell

Ersin Er wrote a brief blog post about handling the Turkish language in Haskell. Because Turkish uses a character set that mostly looks familiar to Westerners, it is notorious for its ability to trip up the unwary programmer (see examples
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Haskell-related job opening at Stanford University

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Updated ICU bindings for Haskell:

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Dealing with fragile C libraries (e.g. MySQL) from Haskell

I spent some time today trying to talk to a MySQL database server from a piece of middleware I'm writing in Haskell. You might think that talking to a database server would be easy, but it turned out to be
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Fast base64 encoding and decoding in Haskell

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Major version of the Haskell text library,

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Haskell in the Real World discussion at CUFP

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Converting a Mercurial tree repeatedly with files removed

Here's a useful little tip if you need to use hg convert to generate a stripped-down copy of a Mercurial repository. For instance, maybe we have a tree that someone committed a large file to by accident, or perhaps someone
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Budding Aspen, Sierra Palisades

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