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Haskell-related job opening at Stanford University

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Updated ICU bindings for Haskell:

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Dealing with fragile C libraries (e.g. MySQL) from Haskell

I spent some time today trying to talk to a MySQL database server from a piece of middleware I'm writing in Haskell. You might think that talking to a database server would be easy, but it turned out to be
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Fast base64 encoding and decoding in Haskell

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Major version of the Haskell text library,

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Haskell in the Real World discussion at CUFP

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Converting a Mercurial tree repeatedly with files removed

Here's a useful little tip if you need to use hg convert to generate a stripped-down copy of a Mercurial repository. For instance, maybe we have a tree that someone committed a large file to by accident, or perhaps someone
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Budding Aspen, Sierra Palisades

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PADL ’11 call for papers

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GHC I/O manager progress: ready to merge, and paper accepted!

Thanks to diligent work by Johan, our new I/O manager is ready to merge into the main GHC tree. All the tests pass, and it’s performing well. I’ll post an update when it gets merged into HEAD. We also heard
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