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attoparsec 0.9, a major (and abortive) release [updated]

Update: I just released attoparsec, which undoes all of the changes described below. The problem? While removing backtracking, I accidentally changed the semantics of the <|> operator in an unforeseen and unfortunate way. The bug I introduced was that
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Exciting teaching news

Looks like I’ve got a busy autumn ahead! Read on for two pieces of news that I’m very happy about. In September, I’ll be teaching a Haskell workshop at the Strange Loop Conference in St Louis. Here’s the abstract: Modern
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A new week, a new JSON performance improvement

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote about the aeson library for working with JSON in Haskell, but this isn’t because I’ve been idle. In fact, just tonight I put out a new release. Where the previous releases
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A little care and feeding can go a long way

Sometimes, when a software package meets a certain level of maturity (or the desire to hack on it fades sufficiently), it's tempting to consider it "done". Here's a little tale of when done isn't really done.About a week ago, I
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CPS is great! CPS is terrible!

Every functional programmer worth their salt seems to end up with at least a few stories to tell about programming in CPS, also known as continuation passing style. Here’s my latest one. As a user of it, you can’t tell
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Faster, better, cleaner: new aeson and attoparsec releases

I’ve spent some time over the past few weeks improving the performance of the attoparsec parsing library, and of the aeson JSON library. Since they’ve now reached a new plateau of performance and stability, I thought this would be a
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A small matter of illegal characters

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GHC 7 I/O manager status update

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text is here

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How to migrate from darcs to Mercurial or git

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