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Announcing a major revision of the Haskell text library

I'm pleased to announce the availability of version 0.5 of text, a library that provides fast Unicode text handling for Haskell. This version contains numerous changes compared to version 0.4, in three broad categories: I made improvements to the performance
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New criterion release works on Macs

And has prettier charts, too, thanks to a patch from Tim Docker. If you already have criterion installed: $ cabal update $ cabal install –reinstall criterion If you want to use criterion on a Mac: $ cabal update $ cabal
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Criterion, a new benchmarking library for Haskell

I'm pleased to announce the availability of criterion, a new library for measuring the performance of Haskell code. Compared to most other benchmarking frameworks (for any programming language, not just Haskell), criterion focuses on being easy to use, informative, and
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Video of my CUFP keynote

Thanks to the tireless work of Malcolm Wallace, all of the video from CUFP now appears to be up up Vimeo, including the keynote talk I gave. Keynote: Real world Haskell. from Malcolm Wallace on Vimeo.
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A new pseudo-random number generator for Haskell

I just released version 0.3.3 of the Haskell statistics library, which contains a very fast pseudo-random number generator. The generator is an implementation of George Marsaglia’s MWC256 multiply-with-carry PRNG, which has a period of 28222 (for this reason, it’s sometimes
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Lazy functional yak shaving in Haskell

A few weeks ago, I decided that I'd like to focus for a while on getting a 1.0 release of the Haskell text library ready. That work has gone fairly well so far. I've focused on making sure that I
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In which I write again about revision control

Several months ago, I wrote an article on evaluating revision control systems. It was initially published in ACM Queue a few weeks ago, and the article has now made its way (unchanged) to Communications of the ACM. I’m quite happy
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Slides from my CUFP 2009 keynote talk

I was delighted to be invited to give the keynote talk at this year’s CUFP workshop in Edinburgh. My talk was this morning, and these are the slides I presented. CUFP 2009 Keynote – Real World HaskellView more documents from
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What to expect from the new binutils linker

I’ve been following Ian Lance Taylor’s updates on the status of gold, the new binutils linker, for a while, so when he announced that he’d added it to the binutils tree, I decided to make a little time to try

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Peruse popular Perl packages

For a little while, I’ve been curious about which of the packages people in the vast wasteland of CPAN actually use and care about. Here’s an attempt to answer that question with fifty popular Perl packages for your entertainment. Before

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