About the multithreaded programming FAQ

This FAQ started off life in 1996 as the FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup comp.programming.threads.

After maintaining it for about 18 months, I took an extended—okay, eight years is quite extended—leave of absence, but I have since dusted it off and returned it to active duty.

Due to my own background and interests, this FAQ is currently quite Unix-centric. This is not a reflection of how I want it to be, merely of what I am most familiar with.

You are welcome to post comments on individual blog entries, or send me email, and I will respond to your questions as my time permits.

2 comments on “About the multithreaded programming FAQ
  1. Jenica says:

    Dear Editor,

    I just wanted to pass along a graphic that my team and I created about the lack of
    women in math and sciences today, and the social implications of why this happens:


    Feel free to share it, and I’d love to get your thoughts on it as well!


  2. facevon says:

    Looking forward to exploring the Unix-centric insights, and I’ll be sure to reach out if any questions arise.

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