Another reason not to buy CDs on spec

Another album that I picked up during my Borders trip last week was M83’s Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts. After I bought it and played it, I was stunned by the warm reception this album received at places like Amazon’s customer reviews and Pitchfork Media. At least I had my curiosity piqued: What else do the people who like this enjoy? Do they have any friends? Have they left the house since 1987?

The people–“tone-deaf insensitive clods” may not be too harsh–who reviewed this piece of tosh used honeyed phrases like “…relentless attention to detail eclipsed only by the stunning emotional power it conveys”. In fact, Dead Cities… is a derivative knockoff of My Bloody Valentine, sounding like it was recorded on a bank of 1985-era Yamaha DX7 synths, with an elderly Roland 808 wheezing out some weedy bass and thin percussion.

The melodies are vapid; the arrangements, crashingly unsubtle. With the sheer annoyance of massed square and sawtooth waves blaring mindlessly in the foreground, there’s nothing positive about this album that sticks in my memory.

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