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Sometimes, the old ways are the best

Over the past few months, the Sigma engineering team at Facebook has rolled out a major Haskell project: a rewrite of Sigma, an important weapon in our armory for fighting spam and malware. Sigma has a mission-critical job, and it
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criterion 1.0

Almost five years after I initially released criterion, I'm delighted to announce a major release with a large number of appealing new features. As always, you can install the latest goodness using cabal install criterion, or fetch the source from
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Win bigger statistical fights with a better jackknife

(Summary: I’ve developed some algorithms for a statistical technique called the jackknife that run in O(n) time instead of O(n2).) In statistics, an estimation technique called “the jackknife” has been widely used for over half a century. It’s a mainstay
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A major upgrade to attoparsec: more speed, more power

I’m pleased to introduce the third generation of my attoparsec parsing library. With a major change to its internals, it is both faster and more powerful than previous versions, while remaining backwards compatible. Comparing to C Let’s start with a
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Top Haskell packages seen through graph centrality beer goggles

I threw together a little code tonight to calculate the Katz centrality of packages on Hackage. This is a measure that states that a package is important if an important package depends on it. The definition is recursive, as is
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Once more into the teach, dear friends

Since the beginning of April, David Mazières and I have been back in the saddle teaching CS240H at Stanford again. If you’re tuning in recently, David and I both love systems programming, and we particularly get a kick out of
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Book review: Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell

It's time someone finally wrote a proper review of Simon Marlow's amazing book, Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell. I am really not the right person to tackle this job objectively, because I have known Simon for 20 years and
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New year, new library releases, new levels of speed

I just released new versions of the Haskell text, attoparsec, and aeson libraries on Hackage, and there’s a surprising amount to look forward to in them. The summary for the impatient: some core operations in text and aeson are now
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Testing a UTF-8 decoder with vigour

Yesterday, Michael Snoyman reported a surprising regression in version 1.0 of my Haskell text library: for some invalid inputs, the UTF-8 decoder was truncating the invalid data instead of throwing an exception. Thanks to Michael providing an easy repro, I
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Open question: help me design a new encoding API for aeson

For a while now, I’ve had it in mind to improve the encoding performance of my Haskell JSON package, aeson. Over the weekend, I went from hazy notion to a proof of concept for what I think could be a
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