We await Sharkfin Garbage Can’s empire

On Monday, Shannon had The Ultrasound, in which we got to observe the person who is crowding out her internal organs. The person in question is a little boy, about twelve inches long, who gets to spend the next four and a half months whiling away the time in foetal darkness. Lucky little bugger.

Cian’s current preference for a name is “Sharkfin Garbage Can”. Shannon and I are trying to find a non-clich\’ed Irish boy’s name that is euphonious to both Irish and American ears. This may sound difficult, and it is.

Out: Fachna and Ard\’an. Too much like “Fucknut” and “Hard-on”. These complaints I can squeeze out a little sympathy for.

Also out: Dara. Apparently, this sounds like a girl’s name, with which idea I have more trouble. I live among a people who can’t even sort out which should be first names, and which last, but Dara is somehow a girl‘s name?

A few plausible candidates that I am sifting through at the moment: Aengus. Art. Diarmuid. Fintan. Niall.

And a handful of names that sound beautiful to me, but will be a hard sell to the differently-eared: Ailill. Conlaoch (Conleth). Iollan (“one who worships a different god”, got to like that one). Ois\’in. Ruair\’i (Rory).

Ah, the delicate politics of transatlantic baby naming.

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