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Budding Aspen, Sierra Palisades

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Minuscule linkscrape of mischief

While I’ve been in my corner hacking on low-level Haskell nonsense, apparently someone figured out how to make the internets more better. To wit, a few judiciously curated sources of visual edification: for great justice unhappy hipsters riot right click
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Video of my CUFP keynote

Thanks to the tireless work of Malcolm Wallace, all of the video from CUFP now appears to be up up Vimeo, including the keynote talk I gave. Keynote: Real world Haskell. from Malcolm Wallace on Vimeo.
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Functional programmers on Twitter

Twitter has become quite the hotbed of chatter about functional programming over the past few months, as a substantial number of pretty well known FP people have either been present all along or have signed up recently and started following

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Recovering from hand surgery

A few months ago, I tore the A4 pulley tendon in my right ring finger in a climbing accident. Yesterday, I had it reconstructed (completely ruptured tendons don’t heal) with a graft of tendon from my forearm. I can currently

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Twittering from ICFP / Haskell symposium / CUFP

I’m in Victoria, BC this week, at ICFP. I’ve been writing a few notes about the talks that have been taking place in my Twitter stream. Also Twittering from the conference is Don Stewart. The Haskell symposium has gotten off

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Disappointed by Thinkpad X60 thermal problems

I’ve had a Lenovo X60 for about 18 months. For almost a year, I was well pleased with its combination of light weight and decent performance, but then it developed a nasty thermal problem. Its idle temperature suddenly went from

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The moral of this story holds in so many contexts

Snipped from a small mailing list. You can use fruit and vegetables’ as a voltaic battery but they could only power something like a small LED bulb, no way would there be enough power to charge an iPod 🙂 Depends
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Modern Irish comedy in bite-sized nuggets

Irish television hasn’t changed much since I left the country twelve years ago. The main national broadcaster, RTÉ, mainly serves up imported American and British shows, with locally originated fare dominated by vast quantities of sports coverage, a few soaps

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But I wore the juice!

Here’s a fabulous way to start a research paper. In 1995, McArthur Wheeler walked into two Pittsburgh banks and robbed them in broad daylight, with no visible attempt at disguise. He was arrested later that night, less than an hour
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