Slides from distributed SCM talk at Foo Camp 2005 available

I gave a talk on distributed SCMs at Foo Camp last weekend. The slides are now available as a PDF document. The talk was an overview of the current state of the Free Software distributed SCM world; I didn’t concentrate on any one system.

The talk was surprisngly (to me) well attended, particularly given its fairly obscure topic and the competition from many other insanely entertaining sessions scheduled at the same time. Most of the audience were CVS or Subversion users, although Bram Cohen (who hacks on Codeville) and an SVK developer whose name I do not recall were there, too.

The free distributed SCM communities are doing massive amounts of development and cross-pollination at the moment. It’s an entertaining area to work in, and it was excellent to see a lot of interest in the user community in possibly taking this stuff up.

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