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How to migrate from darcs to Mercurial or git

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Dual bitbucket/github citizenship

One of the particularly nice things about working with a distributed revision control tool these days is that I can sidestep the choice of winning tool. Thanks to Scott Chacon and Augie Fackler’s excellent hg-git extension, I can use Mercurial
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Converting a Mercurial tree repeatedly with files removed

Here's a useful little tip if you need to use hg convert to generate a stripped-down copy of a Mercurial repository. For instance, maybe we have a tree that someone committed a large file to by accident, or perhaps someone
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In which I write again about revision control

Several months ago, I wrote an article on evaluating revision control systems. It was initially published in ACM Queue a few weeks ago, and the article has now made its way (unchanged) to Communications of the ACM. I’m quite happy
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Mercurial book is now in production, and a little gift

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Mercurial: The Definitive Guide

If you’ve looked at the Mercurial book site in the past 24 hours, you’ll have noticed that both its look and the name of the book have changed. First, the cosmetic news. The change in appearance is due to my
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The 12 Days of EFF

Via the ever industrious Danny O’Brien, we bring to you the Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s end-of-year animation. Learn more about this video and support EFF!

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First impressions of darcs: not so hot

I’ve been using darcs recently for some Haskell-related revision control tasks, as it’s the revision control tool of choice for the Haskell community (no surprise; it’s the most widely used Haskell program in existence). However, I can’t say I’ve been
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OSCON 2006: Come see me talk

I’m giving a talk at OSCON in Portland this week; the title is “Painless maintenance of local changes to fast-moving software”. The content is about how managing and developing patches with Mercurial Queues will make you a happier person and
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Been a busy month

Couple my usual reluctance to post here with work on a new all-consuming project, and you have a recipe for potentially long periods of silence. Yesterday, I posted an announcement of the availability of the first chapter of the Mercurial
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