Haskell.org and Google’s Summer of Code

This year, the Haskell.org community has had nine projects funded by Google, out of 64 student applications. We had mentoring capacity for over 20 projects, so the final number was decided by Google, not by our ability to deal with them. Congratulations to those who were accepted! And to those who were not, take heart; the competition was tight.

Most of this year’s successful applications are centered around library and infrastructure improvements, so I’m hopeful that we’ll see quite a lot of generally useful code come out at the end of this summer.

One Haskell project is being sponsored by Portland State University: Spencer Janssen’s XHSB: an X binding for Haskell, based on XCB, mentored by James Sharp. So really, we have ten projects this year, not nine.

We plan to have at least one “backup” mentor for each project.

Malcolm Wallace has done a sterling job so far as the coordinator for Haskell.org. Thanks, Malcolm!

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One comment on “Haskell.org and Google’s Summer of Code
  1. anonymous_moron says:

    these project look great!! some of them are nice-to-haves, some of them (http lib) are BADLY needed!!

    i can’t help with coding, i am too stupid, but if you need to hand around a collection basket, post a paypal link on haskell-cafe and i’ll drop $100 into it, seriously!

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