LLVM for Fedora

I’ve just packaged up LLVM 2.1 for Fedora. It hasn’t hit the testing repository yet, but when it does, you’ll be able to install it in straightforward fashion:

yum --enablerepo=testing install llvm llvm-devel llvm-docs

Until the packages are pushed out (within a few days), you can download them directly.

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3 comments on “LLVM for Fedora
  1. Ed Avis says:

    Are there packages for llvm-gcc too?

  2. Unfortunately, llvm-gcc stubbornly refuses to build.

  3. Cleide says:

    Halleluia. I’ve been waiting for sruoppt of the modern ABI in simulator for a while but forgot about it. Thanks for pointing it out.As for targetting 3.0 I believe it will be perfectly fine, since automatic ivars were already sruoppted in iPhone OS 3.0 when targetting the device. I tested this successfully last year when OS 3 came out, but stopped using non-ivar-backed properties very quickly because it ruined working with the simulator.

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