The Monad Squad

Tired of imperative programmers kicking sand in your face? Send some cut-out lambdas and a postal order for 5 frobs to, and we’ll send you a handy-dandy poster of those famous superheroes, the Monad Squad!

State helps functional programmers cross the imperative street!

Identity can blend in anywhere!

Writer never forgets a detail!

Cont can travel through time!

List can do many things at once!

Reader can tell what you’re thinking!

Together, they battle the evil genius unsafePerformIO, who is always trying to destroy the world!

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6 comments on “The Monad Squad
  1. Arne D H says:

    …also known as the Awkward Squad.

    You left out
    GenParser: knows every language known to computer
    Maybe: well, he might succeed
    Fix: does that thing he does
    STM: damages nothing

    (Hey, I’m envisioning a film scene like in Mission Impossible where somebody rips of a Latex mask, revealing themselves not to be Writer but WriterT IO!)

  2. Frank Q says:

    is there a chance to have an ice T-Short sporting that? Sounds great as it’s written, and bound to strike fear into the hearts of the imperative lot!

  3. Adam says:

    I’ll second the T-shirt idea, especially if we can catch SPJ wearing one.

  4. Kelli says:

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