Slides from my DEFUN 2008 Haskell tutorial

I’ve posted my slides from tomorrow morning’s Haskell tutorial on Slideshare. (There’s a downloadable PDF version, too, if you find that an easier format to deal with.)

I’ve also posted a Mercurial repository of the slide source code, in case anyone would like to cannibalise the slides for their own purposes. Enjoy!

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4 comments on “Slides from my DEFUN 2008 Haskell tutorial
  1. none says:

    It looks like retrieving the pdf’s requires enrolling and logging into that slideshare site. Why not put them on the haskell wiki?

  2. Wei says:

    You can try “hg clone“, and then “pdflatex slides.tex”.

  3. none says:

    Wei, I tried that and got the error message “! LaTeX Error: File `beamer.cls’ not found.”.

    Can anyone upload the slides/pdf to a regular url?

  4. none says:

    OK, I had to download 3 different tex-related packages and juggle a lot of files around but I got the pdf to build. Should I upload it somewhere?

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