New criterion release works on Macs

And has prettier charts, too, thanks to a patch from Tim Docker.

If you already have criterion installed:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install --reinstall criterion

If you want to use criterion on a Mac:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install criterion -f-chart

Alas, on OS X, you’ll lack the ability to directly generate pretty chart images, but criterion will still output CSV files for you. You can import these into gnuplot or your favourite spreadsheet with ease, and chart away from there.

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4 comments on “New criterion release works on Macs
  1. Thomas Drake says:

    Oh thank goodness. I’ve been feeding cabal extra-*-dirs flags a million different ways in the past 24 hours. Many thanks!

  2. Duncan Coutts says:

    The –reinstall isn’t required, since it’s a new version, not reinstalling the same version.

    On any machine (not just OSX) the -f-chart is for the case that you can’t or won’t install gtk2hs.

  3. Duncan, thanks for the correction and elaboration!

  4. John Lato says:

    Note that if you really want pretty charts on a Mac, you can manually edit your package.conf file to add /opt/local/lib (or wherever libgthread is installed) to the appropriate libraries. That worked for me.

    Of course, you could also really mess up your Haskell installation if you aren’t careful.

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