The performance of Data.Text

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5 comments on “The performance of Data.Text
  1. Is the “replicate string” chart correct? Not only does it not have any bytestring values (presumably because there’s no corresponding BS.replicate function), but the list value seems to be one big red bar and strictT has no red bar.

  2. Oh, and why mention utf8-string at the top if none of the charts actually contain utf8-string information?

  3. Tom Tobin says:

    All the charts seem to have the X-axis labels shifted too far over to the left.

  4. Tim Docker says:

    In the chart library distribution:

    * example test1a/minimal shows how to strip all of the so called “chartjunk”
    * example test9c shows bar charts with correctly centred text labels

    Feel free to ask for assistance on the mailing list:

  5. Thank you for the pointers, Tim!

    I’d avoided the mailing list because of the huge quantity of spam, but I see that you’ve fixed that. Thanks.

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