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Big fucking deal

Quoth Wikipedia: Big data[1][2] is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. The challenges include capture, curation, storage,[3] search, sharing, transfer, analysis,[4]
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github is making me feel stupid(er)

I’m approaching my fourth anniversary of using github. I should hardly have to state that it’s a wonderful service, and especially so for being kept freely available to the open source community. At the same time, I’ve noticed over the
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Here be dragons: advances in problems you didn’t even know you had

Here’s something I bet you never think about, and for good reason: how are floating-point numbers rendered as text strings? This is a surprisingly tough problem, but it’s been regarded as essentially solved since about 1990.Prior to Steele and White’s
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text is here

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Haskell in the Real World discussion at CUFP

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What’s in a parser? Attoparsec rewired (2/2)

In my first of this pair of articles, I laid out some of the qualities I've been looking for in a parsing library.Before I dive back into detail, I want to show off some numbers. The new Attoparsec code is
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What’s in a parsing library? (1/2)

My goal in working on the new GHC I/O manager has been to get the Haskell network stack into a state where it could be used to attack high-performance and scalable networking problems, domains in which it has historically been
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Minuscule linkscrape of mischief

While I’ve been in my corner hacking on low-level Haskell nonsense, apparently someone figured out how to make the internets more better. To wit, a few judiciously curated sources of visual edification: for great justice unhappy hipsters riot right click
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New GHC I/O manager, first sets of benchmark numbers

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Progress on GHC’s I/O manager

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with Johan Tibbell on an event library to use for replacing GHC’s existing I/O manager. The work has been progressing rather nicely: I now have both the epoll and kqueue
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