Haskell in the Real World discussion at CUFP

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One comment on “Haskell in the Real World discussion at CUFP
  1. Andrew W says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I’d just like to add my appreciation to what you (and many others) are doing to drive Haskell forward. It is a great service to mankind, IMHO.

    I’ve recently come to Haskell from Scheme and have found it so much more advanced and ‘production ready’ than Scheme. I also seriously considered learning OCaml instead of Haskell but I think I made the right choice given the pace of change with Haskell.

    One area that would help, as you’ve picked up is to improve documentation of core libraries and also of the many ancilliary packages on Hackage. Often simple examples of how to use them would suffice.

    Best regards


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