Fast base64 encoding and decoding in Haskell

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3 comments on “Fast base64 encoding and decoding in Haskell
  1. Lenny222 says:

    Is there a reason why you called the package “base64-bytestring” instead of “bytestring-base64”? I think the latter makes a nice implicit grouping of packages on HackageDB.

  2. Looks great, I look forward to using this in place of dataenc. I use base64url in some places, would you be interested in extending the library to support that as well?

  3. Lenny, there’s already a base64-string package on hackage, so I just used the same naming convention.

    Michael, I didn’t even know about the dataenc package! But yes, my code should be enormously faster. Handling base64url is definitely a possibility, especially if you want to send in a patch 🙂

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