Slides from my CUFP 2009 keynote talk

I was delighted to be invited to give the keynote talk at this year’s CUFP workshop in Edinburgh. My talk was this morning, and these are the slides I presented.

The video should be online some time next week, with any luck, but I hope that the slides tell a coherent story by themselves. Many thanks to Francesco Cesarini and Jim Grundy for organising such a fun day!

(Oh, und für die Leute die Berlin von Santiago kennen, Sie werden vielleicht dieses Bild erkennen.)

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4 comments on “Slides from my CUFP 2009 keynote talk
  1. Craig T. Nelson says:

    These slides are beautiful! I looked at them full-screen and really enjoyed them.

  2. For those who missed the talk, make sure to see it when the recording becomes available. Great inspiration for the growing FP community and encouragement and advice for those thinking of writing that book on FP.

  3. S. Askeri says:

    O man, great slides. Do not even think before that presentation, how artistic haskell’s people could be.

  4. Bill says:

    Great slides – look forward to hearing you speak some time. Are these your own pictures or did you get them from some service?

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