Haskell Platform support for Fedora: we’re almost there

I spent a little time earlier today clarifying the Fedora project‘s support for the Haskell Platform. You can read the details here; the summary is that we’re currently four packages short of complete support for the current release of the Haskell Platform. You can install the whole lot with a single copy-and-paste to your command line, no manual build or dependency installation required.

With any luck, if we can get things complete, this will spur the Debian (and by extension, Ubuntu) Haskell team into finishing off their support for the Platform, in the spirit of friendly competition. That would leave us in the delicious situation of being able to tell curious people that almost any major Linux distro will make a good basis for developing and deploying Haskell applications. Sweet!

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3 comments on “Haskell Platform support for Fedora: we’re almost there
  1. Colin Adams says:

    Is there going to be a group install for haskell-platform when it’s all finished?

  2. Paul R. Potts says:

    Does this mean we’ll eventually be able to install the whole Haskell platform on Ubuntu with a single sudo apt-get? Especially without having to edit and repository configuration files? ‘Cuz that would be teh awesome!

  3. Colin, I don’t know about group support. The way package groups are used at the moment, they’re very coarse grained and kind of useless. I also have no idea what the process for creating a new group would be.

    Paul, you’ll have to ask an Ubuntu dev about their plans.

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