Video of my CUFP keynote

Thanks to the tireless work of Malcolm Wallace, all of the video from CUFP now appears to be up up Vimeo, including the keynote talk I gave.

Keynote: Real world Haskell. from Malcolm Wallace on Vimeo.

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5 comments on “Video of my CUFP keynote
  1. j h woodyatt says:

    Nicely done, but sadly, I’m not going to get very trying to teach people how to write high-performance embedded software in $FUNLANG until someone hires me away from my current employers to do that.

  2. John Bender says:

    As someone who is learning Haskell I think the ideas expressed in your talk are spot on. I would also like to say that I have yet to find a community that I like as much as the haskell community ( #haskell ). Its a direct result of the folks who are looked to as leaders and their attitudes. Kudos to you.

    As a ruby programmer, please, whatever you do, don’t loose the humility and the willingness to embrace the new folks, its worth more than you can know.

  3. desing says:

    Train yourself to a superior physique, like dons, with Haskell programming. In only 5-15 minutes a day you can be ripped like dons. Immerse yourself in various type system battles that will leave you looking muscled like never before!

  4. jberryman says:

    Thanks for posting this. Great keynote. Now off to write a blog post!

  5. Jason Dusek says:

    I have to say, Brian’s observations about unstructured immersion apply to my study of Haskell as well — and this contributed to my
    relative inefficacy as a Haskell teacher at Noisebridge earlier this year.

    I do have one student who’s stuck with it — or at least returned to it intermittently — but everyone else has gone back to Python or whatever else they thought was cool. One developer is, ironically, trying to come up with ways to annotate C++ for FP; it is a project of mine to convince him that really, honestly, he is not alone in desiring a performant yet safe language for multi-core concurrency.

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