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  1. sclv says:

    this is a terrible hack, but no more of a hack than printf itself:

    test :: (HPrintfType r, NoOp r) => Bool -> Handle -> String -> r
    test b = if b then hPrintf
    else nopr

    class NoOp a where
    nopr :: a

    instance NoOp (IO a) where
    nopr = return undefined

    instance (NoOp r) => NoOp (a -> r) where
    nopr = const $ nopr

    don’t have an answer for the second bit at the moment tho.

  2. brian says:

    Don’t forget package ‘xformat’.

  3. Saizan says:

    I got a solution requiring more extensions but that it looks more general, here’s the paste:

    The types, especially those inferred like in test, aren’t so pretty but not horrible either.

  4. Saizan: Wow, that’s impressive. Type signatures longer than the code they describe? Eeek!

  5. Saizan says:

    well, the typeclass system is what’s doing most of the work 😛

  6. Ajaj says:

    When my son was born his middle name was to be after my feahtr in law and it was not a cool name Ned. I waited until an hour before I left the hospital to finish the birth certificate paperwork because it wasn’t my favorite name at all, but I wanted to honor my feahtr in law. Maybe that’s what took her so long debating do I go with nicer sounding names, or go with my heart? so then the newspaper went and printed his name as Cotton Ned , instead of Colton Ned as it should have been. NICE!

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