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Finally! Fast Unicode support for Haskell

On behalf of the Data.Text team, I am delighted to announce the release of preview versions of two new packages: text 0.1 Fast, packed Unicode text support, using a modern stream fusion framework. text-icu 0.1 Augments the text package with
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Recovering from hand surgery

A few months ago, I tore the A4 pulley tendon in my right ring finger in a climbing accident. Yesterday, I had it reconstructed (completely ruptured tendons don’t heal) with a graft of tendon from my forearm. I can currently

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Climbing in Bishop

Having not set hand or foot on an honest-to-god rock in well over a year, I was full of uncertainty last weekend as Tony and I left San Francisco, bound for four days of climbing near Bishop. A few flurries
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The New Year’s climbing resolution

I’ve decided that there’s no reason to wait until January to start obsessing about climbing again. For the past several months, I’ve become increasingly discouraged as my climbing ability has slowly slipped backwards. Last weekend, I went to Pinnacles with
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