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The shock of the forgotten

I’ve lately become interested in the Haskell programming language again, after a long time (eleven years!) away from the fold. During the process of thrashing about and trying to find my footing, I discovered a new module, named Data.ByteString, which
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Adventures in juvenile linguistics

Inspired by this Language Log article, a few newly minted words and fresh observations from home: Indispensable kid’s verb of the year: to “attackle”. Superman’s alter ego is Clark Dent. The protagonist of the past summer’s flaccid offering from Pixar
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What I did at the weekend

I spent a few hours on Sunday putting together a web site for my friend Carole Moore, a talented San Francisco painter. This was my first time paying any attention to web design in years. All of my prior knowledge
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Restaurant mini-review: Dosa

Among the line-up of trendy ethnic restaurants in San Francisco’s Mission district is Dosa, which has been open for about nine months. Dosa purports to offer up South Indian food, which only vaguely resembles the North Indian fare usually served
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Why I’ve been quiet for a while

While it may appear that I gave up blogging over the nonsense a few months ago with Larry, in fact I’ve been otherwise occupied for over two months now: The fact that the above picture is the most recent I’ve
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Coworking in San Francisco

I had a chance encounter with Brad Neuberg today, who is trying to get a part-time coworking arrangement off the ground. The idea is that if you do one of those nebulous “new economy” jobs that involves dinking on a
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On moving, in a hurry

One of our tenants is about to move out of her apartment in San Francisco. While we wait for the City to digest our plans to build a new house, we have two mortgages to pay; one on the house
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Where’s that damn backstory when you need it

Overheard in San Francisco. –So what have you been doing? –I was in the Marines for five weeks. –Five weeks? What happened? –Well, I’m not there now.
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Bye, Charlie

Nine years ago. I break up with the first girlfriend I had after I moved to California. As Sunnyvale is a wretched place to live, particularly if you’re in your early twenties, newly single, and full of piss, I up
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Four months, and counting

A snapshot of what it’s like with a wife on bed rest: Son ambles in at six thirty. “Let’s watch Spider-Man!” Decides my slothful motions are not indicative of Spider-Man watching; visits wife. Get up. Find son and wife curled
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