OSCON 2006: Come see me talk

I’m giving a talk at OSCON in Portland this week; the title is “Painless maintenance of local changes to fast-moving software”. The content is about how managing and developing patches with Mercurial Queues will make you a happier person and straighten your teeth while you sleep, all for free.

The talk is in room F150, on Wednesday, July 26, at 2:35pm. It’ll be a lot of fun.

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One comment on “OSCON 2006: Come see me talk
  1. Daniel YC Lin says:

    Hi, I like your unofficial merucial book. It let me get more clear concept. But it is a little old.
    Do you have plan to update it?
    I found bisect function is changed in mercurial.
    But source of this book is missing URL.
    So, I can’t help to correct it.

    By the way, I export hello.c for some guy to testing.
    I forgot which revision is the hello.c, is there any method to tell me about it?

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