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Dealing with fragile C libraries (e.g. MySQL) from Haskell

I spent some time today trying to talk to a MySQL database server from a piece of middleware I'm writing in Haskell. You might think that talking to a database server would be easy, but it turned out to be
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Haskell Platform support for Fedora: we’re almost there

I spent a little time earlier today clarifying the Fedora project‘s support for the Haskell Platform. You can read the details here; the summary is that we’re currently four packages short of complete support for the current release of the
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What to expect from the new binutils linker

I’ve been following Ian Lance Taylor’s updates on the status of gold, the new binutils linker, for a while, so when he announced that he’d added it to the binutils tree, I decided to make a little time to try

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GHC 6.8.1 pushed to Fedora 8 testing

Upgrading my laptop from F-7 to F-8 yesterday was painless, so I’ve been able to verify that the latest version of GHC works smoothly. I’ve pushed the built packages to the F-8 testing repository, and will bump them to release

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Fedora 7 on a Thinkpad X60: not so hot

I’ve been running test releases of Fedora 7, and lately the final release, for a number of months on my fairly new Lenovo Thinkpad X60. Here’s a brief summary of my experiences. I’ve been using Fedora since 0.92 (Taroon), and
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GHC 6.6.1 for Fedora

With Jens Petersen’s blessing, I’ve packaged GHC 6.6.1 for Fedora Extras. If you use FC6, it’s available via yum as of a few days ago. It will be a part of Fedora 7 as soon as that comes out, too.
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How to dual-boot Windows and Fedora, by hand, for the insane

I recently bought a Thinkpad X60 that came with Windows preinstalled. I never actually use Windows, but it’s convenient to have around for the occasional BIOS update. My Linux distribution of choice has long been Fedora. Unfortunately, unlike other modern
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Getting started with installing third-party Haskell packages

Since I’ve been away from the Haskell world for a long time, it’s been interesting to return and observe some surprises about the practical side of working with the language. For me, an early gotcha has been the relative paucity
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Dealing with yum hangs on FC6

One of the exciting things about upgrading to Fedora Core 6 is that the yum package manager now frequently hangs on me. This does not fill me with joy. The most common way in which it falls over is by
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How to build safe, clean Python 2.5 RPMs for Fedora Core 6

Since FC6 ships with Python 2.4, you’re a bit stuck if you want to play with the new features of Python 2.5. Here’s a quick and easy way to build and install a cleanly-packaged version of Python 2.5 for FC6.
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