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(re)announcing statprof, a statistical profiler for Python

Back in 2005, Andy Wingo wrote a neat little statistical profiler named statprof that promptly disappeared into obscurity. It has since languished almost unknown, with a handful of people writing semi-private forks that themselves seem to be dead. Statistical profiling
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What’s in a text API?

Now that I’ve got the DEFUN 2009 schedule sorted out (you are coming, aren’t you?), I’ve had time to take a breath and think about the Haskell text library again. Its API is currently a clone of the ancient and
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Why you should not use pyinotify

A while ago, I had a need to monitor filesystem modifications, and I looked around for Python bindings for the Linux kernel’s inotify subsystem. At the time, the only existing library was pyinotify, so being a lazy sort, I naturally

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How to build safe, clean Python 2.5 RPMs for Fedora Core 6

Since FC6 ships with Python 2.4, you’re a bit stuck if you want to play with the new features of Python 2.5. Here’s a quick and easy way to build and install a cleanly-packaged version of Python 2.5 for FC6.
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Delicious Python

Or why I love popular scripting languages, reason number one zillion. I use Sage with Firefox to keep up with various blogs, and as a URL dumping ground. It took me approximately five minutes to find a Python interface
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Why Python is useless for serious XML processing

I have a Python application in which, for my sins, I decided to use XML as an on-disk storage format. Unfortunately, when I made this decision, I neglected to measure the performance of the available Python XML processing implementations. Bad,
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