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Minuscule linkscrape of mischief

While I’ve been in my corner hacking on low-level Haskell nonsense, apparently someone figured out how to make the internets more better. To wit, a few judiciously curated sources of visual edification: for great justice unhappy hipsters riot right click
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A new (well, to me) spam vector:

This is, I must say, very clever. In my latest round of inbound spam, I’ve noticed that some senders have begun sending valid links to in their messages. The technique they’re using is to obfuscate a target URL inside

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Why is trapped in amber?

I’ve had an account on for several years, but I only started using it heavily perhaps a year ago. While it’s a wonderful site in many respects, I’ve been surprised and disappointed by what’s happened since Yahoo acquired the

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Parsing a simple config file in Haskell

Even though I wrote my Haskell blog helper tool purely for my own use, I don’t want to store hard-coded strings in it, lest my username and password escape into the wild. This suggests that I need a small config
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Blogging with Emacs and Haskell, part Zero

Since I started using WordPress to host my blog, I’ve generally been fairly pleased with it. Its killer feature has to be Akismet, the built-in spam filter. Akismet has so far killed over 18,000 spam comments for me, or roughly
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Mathbin, a pastebin that renders mathematics using LaTeX

If you use IRC to collaborate on a software project, chances are you’ve come across, a site where you can post snippets of code, program output, patches, and the like, and then give out the URL of the snippet
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